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On December 12, 2013 by Ensotile

Is glass tile right for me?

Glass tile is one of the most fascinating materials used in homes and commercial projects today. The glass tile can be used in so many different ways, therefore, being one of the most versatile building and decorative materials out there.

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Glass pieces have been known to be used in a various mosaics especially in ancient  times. Dating back as early as 2500BC. Back then, it was a challenge to develop glass tile as the process of creating glass tile is quite complex. Not only it requires high temperatures to melt the glass but also a complex technique of cooling it or more formally – the process of annealing.  Nowadays, we can be quite happy about our technological advancements and the advantages they bring.  For one, the production of the glass tile is now simpler and cheaper, therefore making glass tiles more affordable for all of us. In recent years, glass tiles have become very popular and been serving a wide variety of purposes, like kitchen backsplashes, bathroom accent tiles, fireplace surrounds, and much more.

Pros and cons of glass tile

Except for their unique looks – the vibrancy of colors and textures, reflective qualities – glass tiles are quite durable. They are frost proof , resist fading and discoloration as well as chemicals, water and stains. It is worth mentioning that even tough glass tiles are quite durable, inappropriate installation can and will disintegrate the tile and make them more susceptible to chipping and breaking. Unfortunately, most of the glass tiles aren’t strong or hard enough to withstand rapid changes of temperature or excess weight so they are not recommended to be used for flooring, merely as an accent pieces. Another fact worth mentioning about the glass tile is the ease of maintenance. Another quality of the glass tiles is their versatility. They can be used in a wide range of patterns and applications, such as backsplashes, pools and spas, walls, accent borders. Glass tiles come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors so they are a perfect way to not only accentuate your space but also give it its own character. Since the glass tiles are made primarily from glass or in reality sand aka silica sand, they are often used to promote green movement and can be easily recycled.

As great as it sounds, glass tiles can be tricky to install. Many specialty stores will recommend that a professional tile installer should take on a challenge as each glass tile mosaic is assembled differently and requires different handling method. In addition, each glass tile mosaic requires different setting products largely depending on their size, transparency, weights and other  variables. Here in Ensotile, we specialize in tile and stone installation and are known for the quality of our work. So if you need help with your glass tiles installation contact us today.


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