Tile Installation: Patterns

On November 6, 2013 by Ensotile

Tile Installation: Tile Patterns

Installing tile in different patterns is not only a great design element but also a great way to express your personal style. Pattern options are pretty much endless. Mix and match tile sizes, colors and textures to give your bathroom a unique look and feel. Don’t be afraid to mix tile patterns. Who says you can’t? Think outside the box. Don’t limit yourself to standard straight or diagonal pattern (even though they are classic and  look good in most spaces) . Allow yourself to experiment with different combinations.  With the right pattern you can add different vibes  to the space – modern, traditional, Art Deco, Mediterranean, transitional, just to name a few. Depending on the style you are going for, the type of tile and pattern can dictate the feel of your bathroom. For example, a natural stone tile (straight pattern) mixed  with wood finishes and soft neutral color pallet will create a relaxed and serene space. Once the tile pattern and other design elements have been chosen, make sure the tile installation is done properly. Pay attention to the smallest detail – tile installation should be flawless and on point. Remember that it can make or break the space and any mistakes can be costly to fix.  It is important to measure the space before tiling to ensure right placing. Any tile installation can be tricky especially complex patterns, so do your homework. Think where the tile should start and end – it is a good starting point.


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Below we have prepared a list of some cool tile pattern ideas. Check it out!



Tile Patterns:

Tile Installation Ideas: Group 1Tile Installation Ideas: Group 2Tile Installation Ideas: Group 3Tile Installation Ideas: Group 4Tile Installation Ideas: Group 5


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